• Go to Busy Street Corners at High Traffic Times, Hold Signs and Wave at Traffic.
  • Volunteer at Your Local Republican Office to Make phone calls or prepare mailings. 
  • Share ideas with friends and family. 
  • Speak Up.  Network with others who Care about the Future of Our Country.  
  • Continue to be the Voice of Reason in Your Community.
  • Be Proud to Represent GrassRoots Seniors.  
  • We need to support our Trump's 2020 Campaign in action and fundraising,  
    Working our Plans. 

  • We ask for your vote Nov 6th and Thank you for your support.
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    Gainesville, FL 

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About seniors4trump

for seniors and supporters of trump 2020


After being injured and having to focus on moving what moves, retired school teacher Annie O. (Grannie Annie) inspires others and networks from her wheelchair to make a difference and contribute to positive outcomes for Republicans.  Joined in efforts by her husband, Tom, she has organized a multitude of community events, book signings, rallys, and more for candidates representing conservative values and Republican principles including national candidates.  Her efforts show that seniors, even those with physical limitations, can make a difference!

Grannie Annie's networking circle includes high profile Republicans.  This site is designed to help seniors of all ages, abilities, and availability to find ways to contribute and make a positive difference in their communities.  If all seniors were empowered to help, imagine the untapped potential we could use to help win elections and improve our communities.  

What this site is:  An idea forum and contact site for like-minded seniors in the USA to network and grow the Trump 2020 election efforts .  It is created to inspire Seniors to get involved and help win this election.

What this site is not:  A hate bashing or lobbyist site.  If you do not support Trump for 2020, go visit another site.  This is not an official Donald J. Trump site.

Trump 2020 Vision and Speaking Points:  

To Request a Yard Sign, Buy a MAGA hat, contribute or more, click this link or to go to DonaldJtrump.com  the official site of the 2020 Campaign.  


*In preparing for this 2020 election, we are gathering personal  recommendations and written support.  Please feel free to use the Contact Page form to submit your name for our contact database or to submit your written words of support for Trump 2020.